BENEDICT-завтраки и не только

Breakfasts and more — Benedict cafe offers perfect everyday meals. Favorite dishes, best samples of national cuisines and delicious coffee are all that you need to have a nice time in the city center!

Benedict lives in the rhythm of a big city. In Benedict you can have breakfast at any time of the day, meet your business partners and enjoy a romantic dinner. The menu of the cafe was created by the famous chef Anatoly Kazakov, chief of the Selfie (№70 in the TOP-100 best restaurants of The World's Best Restaurants). Anatoly Kazakov makes most popular dishes modern, easy to understand and very delicious.

Try specialties like "Benedict", "Florentine" and other dishes with poached eggs, homemade soup and pasta, delicious fish dishes and amazing meat ones, appreciate the variety of choices and have fun!



Vegetable Meat Burger New desserts in BENEDICT Breakfast all day long Breakfast all day long Breakfast all day long Special offer: desserts

Vegetable Meat Burger

The White Rabbit Family holding is the first in Russia to start selling Beyond Meat burgers. It is almost impossible to distinguish burgers from ordinary ones.

Forty-seven scientists worked on their formula for seven years: they laid out meat for amino acids, lipids, trace elements, carbohydrates and minerals, trying to understand how it works. And then they recreated it from pea isolate, rapeseed and coconut oils, salt, yeast extract and beet juice.

This meat has no GMOs, no soy, no cholesterol, or antibiotics.

It is 100% vegan, but it looks like meat, it smells like meat and tastes like real meat too!

The chef of each restaurant offers its own variation of vegetable burger. Our chef Anatoly Kazakov cooked a “Sinless” burger made from vegetable meat!

Do not try to believe, but just try!

New desserts in BENEDICT

Chocolate lovers will appreciate  the gentle chocolate mousse with mango-passion fruit, and fans of the classics will not be able to deny themselves a carrot cake. The new pride of the BENEDICT confectioners has become the caramel-nut cake, and the light and airy cheesecake with berries will conquer even the most selective sweets!

You can book a table by going to the booking form or by calling +7 (495) 790-93-90.

Breakfast all day long

Special offer: desserts

Vegetable Meat Burger

The future is here!
From now on, you can try aromatic, juicy meatless burgers from vegetable meat in BENEDICT.

New desserts in BENEDICT

Try the new desserts at BENEDICT!

Breakfast all day long

For those who get up early and wake up late, for those who like to eat an omelet for lunch and porridge for dinner, Benedict presents a new breakfast menu.

Now you can enjoy poached eggs not only in the specialty "Benedict", but also cooked with spinach, lightly salted salmon or avocado, as well as in "Chorizo hash" — spicy and bold breakfast with baked potatoes, chorizo, and sriracha sauce. Homemade porridge and syrnyki with sour cream compete with organic gluten-free porridge with coconut milk, chia pudding with mango and asaiball with fresh berries. A fresh brioche with ricotta and mashed strawberries or a tasty sandwich will make a great company for a cup of coffee.

Special offer: desserts

30% off every day after 8 p.m.

Take a unique chance to try fresh pastries and desserts by Benedict's own confectionery! Every day we offer a discount: enjoy 30% off the desserts after 8 p.m.

Berry millefeuille with custard, Smetannik cake with blueberries, popular "Prague" cake or Lemon tart: Benedict’s desserts will make every coffee break an occasion and will also make a great gift for your friends. Take desserts with you and plan a pleasant visit! 




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